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4 Tips for Using Floor Stickers to Retread Your Floor

4 Tips for Using Floor Stickers to Retread Your Floor

As time flies by, your balcony, bathroom, and kitchen floor may turn old or outdated and need a bit of a facelift. It is not wise for most of you to waste a lot of money and time on replacing all your tile floors with new ones. Why not start to DIY your floor with floor stickers? Before everything, there are some tips for you to avoid mistakes.

Prepare your floor surface properly

Make sure the surface of your floor is smooth and complete before tiling your floor sticker. You do need to sweep the floor and make sure there is no debris, oil, grease, or dust on the floor. Wait until your floor gets dry completely before you start your DIY project. If you do not prepare your floor properly, floor tile stickers cannot be connected to your floor well.

Save extra stickers for future

You need to buy more custom floor stickers than you need. When you install the floor stickers, you might accidentally destroy one or use it in the wrong place. People always make mistakes, especially beginners. What’s more, you’d better store some in case a tile gets hurt in the future.

Use floor sticker with good quality and design

To create a perfect DIY floor with 3d floor stickers, you need to find out easy-to-use and high-quality stickers. Good floor stickers have a longer life span since they are usually waterproof and removable.

coloribbon peel and stick 3d pvc black and white square floor sticker

This PVC Non-slip Stitching DIY Floor Sticker can perfectly match common home decorating styles as well as the Nordic style or minimalist style. To install this checkered pattern floor sticker or other stickers of Coloribbon, you do not need to find some professionals, since they are pretty easy to install.

This door sticker does not require grout or special tools. It is also water-resistant and washable so that you can clean it easily. Besides, it can be used as a floor sticker or wall sticker. The custom floor sticker is suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, dining room, gymnasium, home office, and so on.

Heat floor tile stickers to remove easily

If your kitchen or bathroom floor tile gets loose or chipped, you will need to replace it with a new one. How to remove custom floor stickers? You can gently heat the floor stickers with a hairdryer. Hot wind increases the flexibility of the tile and loosens the adhesive so that you can easily remove the floor sticker.

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