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Can You Wallpaper Over Wallpaper? | Coloribbon

Can You Wallpaper Over Wallpaper? | Coloribbon

Get bored of the old wallpaper? We always want to try new and in-trend styles for our home decoration. When we install the new wallpapers, we may get a lot of questions like these. How can I deal with the old wallpaper? Can I wallpaper over wallpaper? Or should I struggle to remove the outdated wallpaper rather than wallpaper over wallpaper? Do not worry. This article is aimed to solve all of your questions about wallpapering over wallpaper.

can you wallpaper over wallpaper

Can you put wallpaper over wallpaper: 3 factors

On some occasions, removing the old wallpaper completely is a better option. Sometimes, you can keep the existing wallpaper. That depends on these factors.

Wallpaper condition

If you find the existing wallpaper firmly adheres to the walls and you find no embossing, raised embellishments, or flocking, you can try to keep the wallpaper while installing the new one. If the old wallpaper does not have a smooth texture or has many issues mentioned above, just try to remove the wallpaper.

Wallpaper color

Coloribbon leaf wallpaper

The color of the wallpaper influences whether you can wallpaper over wallpaper. If the old wallpaper is dark and the new wallpaper is in light color, you find the final effect is gross. But it is okay to cover it with dark-colored wallpaper.  

Wallpaper material

Are your existing wallpapers coated wallpaper? Some bumps will pop up if your old wallpaper is embossed or embellished. Besides, it is not sensible for wallpapering over wallpaper that is vinyl wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper has a plastic coating over fabric backing or paper, which lead to an issue - your new wallpaper too hard to adhere to your old wallpaper.

How to wallpaper over wallpaper?

Find no problem with your old wallpaper? If so, let's start putting wallpaper over wallpaper!

Step 1. Preparation

First of all, turn off the electricity in your room. Remove the nails on the wall and pay attention to the outlet covers. Use something to cover the furniture for protection.       

Step 2. Clean wallpaper

You should also clean the old wallpaper before installing wallpaper. Use a wet duster to clean the old wallpaper to remove all the dust or other trashes adhere to it.

Step 3. Check wallpaper

Check whether there are any imperfections on your wallpaper such as bubbles. To deal with bumps or holes, you should fill it with spackle, and then smooth that area with sandpaper when it gets dry. If you find any loose seams, you may have to apply a seam sealer to fill them. If you find too many defects or feel difficult to prepare wallpaper to wallpaper over wallpaper, just remove your old wallpaper and install wallpaper on the wall.    

Step 4. Install wallpaper

Coloribbon tile sticker

Just begin putting wallpaper over wallpaper. For some wallpaper, you may need to roll some wallpaper primer. Here is a complete guide for how to install wallpaper in 2 ways. can you put peel and stick wallpaper over old wallpaper? Yes! If you want an easier wallpaper, peel and stick wallpaper is an awesome idea. Peel and stick wallpaper is also called removable wallpaper. They are easier to install and remove than ordinary wallpaper and are pretty budget-friendly. Peel and stick wallpaper will not leave any residue on your wall. All of these advantages makes peel and stick wallpaper so popular. 

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