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Does Window Privacy Film Work

Does Window Privacy Film Work? Everything about Window Films

Living in urban with dense population makes the privacy at home more difficult to own. Curtains protect your privacy effectively day and night whereas preventing daylight in your home. Is there a method to protect privacy and let enough daylight in to make sure the illumination in your home? Privacy window film is the answer.

Does Window Privacy Film Work

What can privacy window films do for you?

Privacy protection: Privacy window film protects privacy efficiently in your home or office. The one way window film provides one way mirror effect during the day. You can see out but not in after using one way privacy window film. Other window film types such as frosted window films also provide privacy and allow the lights in. 

One way Perspective Glass Film

Heat control: The heat blocking window films can reflect the heat back outside, which saves much energy during summers and retain heat in winters. 

UV blocking: The window films effectively block most infrared rays and UV rays to prevent your precious furniture and interior decorations from fading and protect your skin, since infrared rays and UV rays may hurt your skin and fade your furniture.

window film UV blocking

No glue installation: Window films for privacy are easy to install. Most of them do not use glue to connect. Instead, with a non-glue and static cling design, static cling window films avoid the release of chemical substances, very easy to install without using glue. Static cling window films can also be removed easily without any traces left on your window glass.

Decorative window film: The sunshine through the rainbow window film creates the appearance of colorful stained glass, and adds an attractive design for an updated look to your window.

Where to use window film?

Window Privacy Film Glass Frosted Sticker bathroom

You can use peel and stick window film anywhere in your home, including the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Privacy decorative window films can also be used on furniture like tables and countertops. 

How to install window film?

Nothing is easier than installing window film. To install privacy window film, you only need scissors, a ruler, a watering can, and a squeegee. After cleaning your window glass, measure the size of your window that need to hang window privacy film. Then spray water with your window can and tile privacy window film to the window. Finally, use your squeegee or ruler to shave and press privacy window film. 

Top 3 privacy window films in 2022

You can find one way window film, stained glass window film, frosted window film, static cling window film, and all of the window films you are looking for in Coloribbon, an online window film shop. Here are the 3 most popular privacy window films that contain all the advantages listed above.


Thermal Control Anti-ultraviolet One-way Window Film

one way window film

Anti-ultraviolet One Way Window Film protects privacy during the daytime. At the night, simply use your curtains. This one way window film also blocks 79% of infrared rays and 93% of UV rays to effectively protect your skin and furniture.

3D Thermal Control Anti-UV Static Cling Window Film

Anti-UV Static Cling Window Film

This Static Cling Window Film can be installed easily due to its non-adhesive feature. With no chemical release nor glue residue, Coloribbon 3D Thermal Control Anti-UV Static Cling Window Film is environment-protecting. 

Window Privacy Film Glass Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

The frosted window film is widely used in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or any glass for privacy protection and decoration. This window film offers a privacy design to let you enjoy your life easily and safely.

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