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3D Removable Crescent Electrostatic Window Film

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Size(Width:18 inch): 79 inch
  • 🌛UNIQUE HALF-MOON PATTERN DESIGN - The 3D stain decorative film itself does not have any color. However, the peel-and-stick frosted glass film will show you a colorful visual effect like a rainbow when sunlight hits the film directly after installation.
  • 🌛NO GLUE RAINBOW WINDOW FILM - By using the technology of static, the glass stickers for windows can stick to the glass without any glue, so it is easy to apply, and removable without any damage to itself or any stain on the glass either.
  • 🌛EASY DIY: Easy application, and suits many occasions. This vinyl window film transforms your personal space at a minimum cost. It can be easily cut to any size or shape which you want, to paste on your window.
  • 🌛ANTI-UV Window STICKERS & FILMS - Reject up to 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays. Also, the frosted window sticker helps to keep warm in winter and block out heat in summer.
3D Removable Crescent Electrostatic Window Film

Coloribbon window films are perfect for you if you want to bring your house magical changes

3D Windows films are very easy to use. The beautiful privacy glass stickers are magic to your eyes. Because of their versatility, you can paste films on your doors and windows to give a brilliant look to all of your rooms, office, or store.

While you will enjoy the privacy of these window films, you will also be able to see light. In fact, while you are inside your house, you will be able to see the shape of someone knocking on your door. This is why these frosted opaque obscure covering films are great for privacy and beauty.

Coloribbon 3D Static Windows Stickers can be pasted, removed, and reused as often as you wish without leaving any trace on the windows. It’s ideal for rented properties or for temporary privacy requirements.

The laser technology design of 3D stained glass film can give your room a more colorful look under sunshine or light, making your room full of vibrancy. It can give you visual enjoyment like a rainbow. Anti 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays make you feel more comfortable in the room. You also can enjoy softer sunshine through the glass film.

Coloribbon 3D Static Windows Stickers

Installation Instructions of Coloibbon No Gule Self-Adhesive Window Stickers Glass Cling:


  • Step 1. Keep glass flat, smooth, and clean.
  • Step 2. Measure the window and determine the size.
  • Step 3. If you need to cut, draw lines on the window film with markers. Make sure the edge of the protective film and the glass surface have a 1cm gap.
  • Step 4. Wet the Window or Glass with water( Soapy water will be the best choice ).
  • Step 5. Remove the Static Window Film from the backing protect sheet (The Most Important.
  • Step 6. Squeegee away air bubbles and redundant water with a scraper or hard card.
  • Step 7. Cut off the extra privacy vinyl film.


How to Peel Off the Clear Backing Film:

  • Firstly - Please wet one window film corner and use your fingers to twist it for a while to loosen the attachment between the window film and clear backing film.
  • Secondly - Please attach a sticky tape to the side of the clear backing film corner (we have also attached a small sticky tape on each roll of window film for your convenience), and then press it for effective attachment.
  • Finally - You are able to separate the clear backing film from the window film easily.


Frequently Asked Questions of the 3D Stained Frosted Privacy Vinyl Window Film

Q: Why does the static window film peel off?

A: Make sure to tear off the backing film before pasting it on the glass.

Q: How can the film stick firmly and scrape all the bubbles?

A: The static stickers use water to paste. The more water you use, the better. Soapy water can work better. Scrape a few more times with a hard card to ensure all bubbles are disappeared.

Q: Why does the privacy film not have any color in the package and looks sheer?

A: Our window film is transparent itself. Because of its special laser design, the window film won't stay a single performance. And changes its color depending on the intensities of sunshine. The window film will show you a nice visual experience like a rainbow only under enough light. So you can get a different look in the film when you are under different conditions of sunlight. To achieve the best visual effect, it is recommended for somewhere that can get sufficient sunlight. And these glass clings only provides a semi-privacy effect. So we do not suggest you use it for the place which needs the best privacy effet like a bathroom.

Widely Application

You can apply this static window film to Smooth and Clean Glass Surfaces in the Balcony, Living Room, Bedroom, Office, hotel, etc.