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3D Tulip Electrostatic Removable Frosted Window Sticker

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Size(Width:18 inch): 79 inch
  • Application: Used for Bathroom, Office, Kitchen, Balcony, Living Room, and so on. The electrostatic window film can be applied in several minutes
  • Size of Frosted Window Sticker: 17.5 by 78.7inch Roll package, using static cling with no adhesives, reusable, easy to apply on smooth glass.  Frosted Window Sticker will never damage your windows or leave any traces.
  • DURABLE: Frosted Window Sticker is constructed out of a premium vinyl material that has been designed to withstand heat and steam for long-lasting quality
  • ADHESIVE-FREE: Requires absolutely no adhesive, so you can rest assured knowing the window privacy film will never damage your windows or leave behind a sticky residue
3D Tulip Electrostatic Removable Window Film

Coloribbon window films are perfect for you if you want to bring your house magical changes.

3D Windows films are very easy to use. The beautiful privacy glass stickers are magic to your eyes. Because of their versatility, you can paste films on your doors and windows to give a brilliant look to all of your rooms, office, or store.

While you will enjoy the privacy of these windows films, you will also be able to see light and outside scenes. 

How to use electrostatic window film?

To apply the electrostatic window films to your windows, you need to clean your glass first and then paste the peeled, smooth side of the films onto them. The easy-to-apply films can be pasted, removed, and reused as often as you wish without leaving any stain on the windows. Then, choose your favorite color of Anti UV floral tulip windows film, which will block out the sun rays from damaging your furniture.

3D Removable Window Film


1. 3D Tulip Electrostatic Removable Window Film is only suitable for clean and smooth glass surfaces, do not use on rough, uneven, frosted glass or other materials

2. This window blocking film adopts electrostatic technology, with no need for glues. Before applying, you only need to sprinkle enough water on the glass surface. If the pasting is not firm, it may be the reason for insufficient water. You can tear the product off and paste again after watering

3. While using, be sure to tear off the back film, otherwise, it will not be firmly attached

4.Please note the distinction between the front side and back side, be sure to attach the back side (smooth side) to the glass, otherwise, it will not be pasted firmly and even fall off

5.This window blocking film can only show the colors perfectly when the light is going through or reflected, so normally the colors can not be seen before the installation

Coloribbon Removable Window Film

Some Usual Questions And Answers

1.Q:The window film can't be adhesive to the window. Could you have some suggestions?

A: Our window film is a static self-adhesive window film without the need for glue. Please check if the backing film is torn off. Spray a lot of water both on the window surface and window film back during installation for effective attachment. Finally scrapped all the bubbles and extra water.

2.Q:The window blocking film's edges can't be adhesive to the window. Could you have some suggestions?

A:When it curls at corners or edges, please try to blow the film with a hairdryer or soften it by soaking it in warm water. Set a hairdryer to high heat with low speed and run it over the film, holding 1"-2" (2.5-5cm) away from the window-blocking film surface.

3.Q:The window film does not have any color in the package. Could you have some suggestions?

A:Our window film is transparent itself. Because of its special laser design, the window film won't stay a single performance. And changes its color depending on the intensities of sunshine. The privacy film window will show you a nice visual experience like a rainbow only under enough light. So you can get a different look in the film when you are under different conditions of sunlight. To achieve the best visual effect, it is recommended for somewhere that can get sufficient sunlight.