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How to Clean Wallpaper? 4 Methods| Coloribbon

How to Clean Wallpaper? 4 Methods| Coloribbon

Installing new wallpaper for a room or even the whole house is not easy at all. And you may feel upset when you find the spot or grease growing on your new wallpaper. Learning how to clean wallpaper is crucial if you want to keep your wallpaper clean and exquisite. 

Is your wallpaper washable?

Before trying anything on your wallpaper, first, you need to make sure whether your wallpaper is washable or not. Some of the wallpapers are washable such as vinyl wallpaper and fiberglass wallpaper. You can use water to clean them but non-washable wallpaper cannot be washed with liquid. To make sure whether yours are washable, contact the people who sell the wallpaper, check the label of the wallpaper, or test on a small area. You can find a corner of the wallpaper and wet it a little. Then see the effect of the wetness. 

4 simple ways to clean wallpaper by yourself

We collect some wallpaper cleaning methods for you which are listed below. But you do need to make sure the certain method is safe to use on your wallpaper without damaging your wallpaper. We will start with the easiest and most common way to clean wallpapers - clean dust with a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean dust on wallpaper (for all the wallpapers)

As time flies, the dust will load on every inch of your home including your wallpaper. If your wallpaper does not get other stains, you can simply remove the dust with a wallpaper cleaner - vacuum cleaner. Even if yours is washable wallpaper, cleaning wallpaper dust is still the first step.

Simply use the brush extension of the vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust from top to down.

How to clean wallpapers with soap water (washable wallpaper)

clean wallpaper with water

If your wallpaper seller tells you your wallpaper is washable, then trying water or soap water to clean wallpaper might be the best way to clean wallpaper. Soap water is something everyone can get easily and is also very powerful for cleaning wallpaper. It can clear away most stains like grease and fingerprint.

So, how to wash wallpaper with soap water? Mix 3 water and 1 dish soap then use a soft sponge to wipe the wallpaper starting from the top. After finishing the whole wall, you can use a clean and soft cloth to dry the wallpaper. Youd better do this once you stop washing. 

How to clean wallpaper stains with white vinegar(washable wallpaper)

How to clean yellowed wallpaper and wallpaper with mold? You might find some mold or spots or color changing issues left after the previous 2 steps. These stains cannot be removed by dust remover or soap water. White vinegar is good at clearing away mold and bacteria. Before applying it to the whole wall, test it on a corner of your wallpaper. Wait for 10 minutes to follow the effect.

If it works on your wallpaper, wet a soft sponge with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Get out of the extra liquid of the sponge, and pat the sponge on the stain you want to eliminate. After 5 minutes, get rid of the liquid left on the wallpaper with clean water. 

How to clean stains on non-washable wallpaper

For wallpaper cannot be washed, wallpaper dough is a good replacement. Drag some of the wallpaper dough and turn it into a ball. Use the ball to touch and roll on the dirty area of the wallpaper to remove the stain. 

Where can I get washable wallpapers?

Washable wallpaper makes it easier for wallpaper maintenance. If you are looking to replace your wallpaper with washable wallpaper, here are some waterproof and washable wallpapers for usage in the living room, kitchen, and even bathroom.

PVC Non-slip Stitching DIY Wall Floor Stickers  

PVC Non-slip Stitching DIY Washable Floor Stickers

Made of virgin vinyl material, this washable wallpaper is water-resistant and washable. Easy to install or remove, this tile sticker can be used on both walls and floor. 10 different patterns are available to choose from. 

Peel and Stick Waterproof PVC Marble Wallpaper for Kitchen & Bathroom 

marble washable wallpaper

Washable wallpaper for kitchen backsplash and bathroom is one of the most popular wallpapers in 2022 for its stylish outlook and washable feature. With 6 patterns and colors to choose from, the washable wallpaper is suitable for most decoration styles.

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